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Custom design pillows start at $35.00.

  • This price includes design, processing clothing items you provide, and a 16" square pillow insert.
  • If other size pillows (i.e. 18" or larger, or bolster shape) are desired, prices will vary.

Because you supply the foundation fabric, your pillow will be one-of-a-kind. Each pillow is designed with your fabric in mind, created to highlight the unique characteristics of the apparel you want to preserve... whether it's a favorite t-shirt with a great logo, a sweatshirt with a "kangaroo pocket" or a skirt with a unique buckle. 

If you are interested in a "comfort" memory pillow, preserving fabrics belonging to someone you have loved and lost to death, we have discovered that scent can play a powerful role in grief processing. Unless heavily soiled, we recommend you send us the items of apparel as-is, or lightly laundered.


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