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Memory quilt prices are for t-shirt quilts, with 15" square panels. If you wish a custom designed quilt utilizing jeans or other fabric, please contact us for a quote.

Standard pricing is $12.00 per square (panel). This includes everything to finish the quilt: sashing (1" strips between panels), batting, backing and edge binding, and tie-quilting it using embroidery floss. If your fabric is fragile or quite stretchy and needs to be stabilized with a bonding agent, there will be an additional $1 charge (materials and labor) for each square needing to be stabilized. If you wish the quilt to be machine quilted, there will be an additional $4 per square charge.

Lap/TV Quilt:  45" x 60"  (12 squares--3 wide x 4 long)

Long Twin:  60" x 95" (24 squares - 4 wide x 6 long)

Double: 90"x 95" (36 squares - 6 wide x 6 long)

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