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When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.



The pillows arrived on Friday. They are beautiful!!!! I know my daughters will love and cherish them.



Nancy, the pillow is great. Mom will love it. Thanks so much. The invoice says one thing, but I think it's worth twice that!

--Keith S.


After losing my brother in law recently, we had some of his favorite shirts made into pillows.  When they were delivered to his family, they LOVED them—couldn’t stop hugging them.  Both of his family members said they loved smelling his scent on the pillows.  I’m very appreciative of the respect and care that Nancy showed and could not be more thankful.

--Kathy H.


I recently lost a loved one, and had pillows made for family and friends for Christmas. Not only were recipients touched to receive them, but for me as the giver, sharing these “comfort keepsakes” was a healing step on my path of grieving.

--Mary Ann S.


Upon receiving my personalized clothing pillow, I have been pleasantly surprised with the variety of emotions I encountered.  This gift with its unique power positively creates a connection that is soothing and of immeasurable worth to my life!  Thank-you!

--Diane S.


We were so surprised when we received the pillows you made for us!  These items have strong sentimental value to us and we really appreciate the care and skill you put into making them.  They’ll always be displayed in our home.  Thank you again for such a wonderful idea!

--Ed T.


My dear sister-in-law passed in September.  This was our first Christmas without her and though tough, a gift we were given helped us be reminded of fond happy memories and lightened our spirits for days to come.  A friend had one of the Irish themed sweatshirts we had given Jan made into a beautiful pillow.  When we see that pillow we think of Jan and how happy she made those around her.  What a great way to remember her.

--Abby M.


I have a Notre Dame sweatshirt that was made into a pillow.  Being a huge Notre Dame fan, it fits right into the décor of my bedroom.  I will say this, since I have received this pillow, I am not able to fall asleep without it.  It’s great for lounging on the couch or helping you fall asleep at night...  I wouldn’t trade mine for the world.

--Dan M. 12 yr old niece opened the pillow last. The first reaction was a little confused: "oh, a pillow." Then we told her it was in fact her sweatshirt that was transformed into the pillow. Her eyes got big as the room, she stared at it and the look on her face was something I will never forget. She said, "Wow! This is very cool! I don't know how you did it, but I just love this" and hugged the pillow. All the [earlier] expensive presents were not as important as this pillow!... 

--Mary M.


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